USA Today:

“18 glorious hours of listening…every wonderful word brilliantly read by Bernadette Dunne.” 

- Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Publishers Weekly:

"Bernadette Dunne's reading is flawlessly paced and suspenseful. The voices she provides the cast of characters are spot on: precocious Merricat is haunted and increasingly desperate; Constance is doting but detached; Uncle Julian is both pleasantly dotty and utterly unnerving; and Charles is the conniving villain listeners will love to hate."

- We Have Always Lived In the Castle by Shirley Jackson

American Library Association, Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults 2013:

“Dunne’s exquisite voice portrays the sterility of Claire’s dystopian community and her dawning maternal connection with her son.”

                                      - Son by Lois Lowry

Library Journal: 

“Bernadette Dunne is masterful at moving among Elizabeth, Ava and Sanford Cohen; her reading elevates this memoir to a superlative listening experience. Highly recommended.”

- The House on Beartown Road by Elizabeth Cohen

Audiofile Magazine:

“Bernadette Dunne's silky smooth performance makes hearing this information thoroughly understandable and enjoyable. Her flawless voice and seamless phrasing communicate satisfying gravitas. This wonderful production is more an enlightening documentary than a self-help program that rouses the spirit..."

- Weight of the Nation, from the Extraordinary Series from HBO Documentary Films by Hoffman, Salerno and Moss